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Blood Sugar Level Overview

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Blood sugar levels vary throughout the day. There are many factors that impact the blood sugar level.

Blood Sugar Goals

Keeping a log

Keeping a log is important for providers and nurses to understand and help develop the best plan of care, especially if a new therapy has started, when there is a new diagnosis, or when feeling unwell. The log does not need to be perfect, or contain all readings. Noting how you feel or any other important things to remember will help ensure the best possible plan of action.

Lows and Highs

At times blood sugar readings fluctuate, and this is normal. It is important to know what to do when levels are high or low.

Low sugars (below 70) are called hypoglycemia.

High sugars are called hyperglycemia.

Testing Technique

Testing blood sugar also requires the proper method as results can vary slightly at times. Make sure to connect with a nurse, your provider or pharmacist to review the proper technique for testing.

Know Goals

It is important to discuss your goal levels with your provider or nurse. Your goal may be different depending on your treatment and plan of care. Reaching your goal A1C for example will take time. The A1C lab measures improvements, or worsening, of diabetes control over the span of 3 months.

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