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How Well Do You Know Your Medications?

Many of us take multiple medications as we age. How well do you know your medications?

When you visit your primary care provider, are you able to list the names of the medications and supplements you take daily, along with their dosages?

Getting to know your medications is an important part of managing your health.

Ask us for a free pill organizer by calling us at 732-364-2144 x5134!

Why Should I Track My Medications?

When we start a new medication regimen, we have to track our response to it. Taking medications at the same time each day, and tracking improvements to your condition as well as potential side effects help you and your doctor tailor your care plan to fit your needs.

At minimum, you should have a list of the medications or supplements you take daily. You can take this with you to your appointments to share with your care team, and to update it if there are any changes. Place a copy of this list in a visible location for your caregiver to see, like a visible spot in your kitchen.

You can use this template to write you your own Personal Medicines List!

Share this with your friends, family members, and caregivers.

Download PDF • 67KB

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